God Help the Girl (2014)

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Roleplay Meme, Day 1

Favorite Character I’ve Played

Eloise Jennings, 18 years old, Preston Mental Health Center, Emily Browning, no longer active

When Eloise was a kid, she never once thought that her name would be in lights. She didn’t think she would have fans, or that she would be able to look at herself in the mirror and think, “I’m a rolemodel.” No, she didn’t think that would happen, or even wanted it to happen, but it did. When she was sixteen years old, her father—a very accomplished director— helped her land her first role in the biggest movie of the year. After that, her name was known all around the world.

Eloise was admitted to Preston Medical Health Center when she was seventeen. The pressure of stardom ended up being too much for her, creating a case of insomnia and hallucinations. After a whole year in Preston, she developed full blown Schizophrenia. There was no way to escape the terrible things she could see. Her father eventually disowned her, so ashamed that his own flesh and blood could have something so wrong with them. Eventually, she got transferred to a different asylum, ready to spend as long as she has to in the windowless rooms.

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Emily’s Favorite Accessories: Dries Van Noten tortoiseshell sunglasses, $369 ( 212.826.8900 ), Proenza Schouler Medium PS1 bag in suede, $1,595 [ x ], A.P.C. shoes [ x ]. 

“I go everywhere with my tortoiseshell sunglasses, and although I am 
usually not fond of It-bags, I carry my olive-green Proenza Schouler
PS1 bag everywhere. I love A.P.C. shoes because they are simple &
anonymous, which I like.” - Emily Browning
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20 Day Emily Browning Challenge - Day 6: 3 Favorite Photos

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