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Emily Browning - Pompei Portaits

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confess here

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ATTENTION MEN: I’m not saying you should become a gangster or emulate Reggie Kray, but this is how you escort a woman to a nightclub. Rocking a pocket square is not a bad idea, either. / Filming Legend in Peckham, London | 18 July 2014 

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ollyyears: @smiling_for_money dance rehearsal
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"If people love what I do, that’s fantastic. And there’s always going to be people who don’t, and if I focus on that, then it’ll destroy me. I have to just worry about my own opinion and the opinions of the people I’m working with and people who are close to me. Otherwise, it’ll drive me crazy."

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Emily Browning and Olly Alexander dancing to Years & Years’ Take Shelter (x)

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